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While our rooftops don’t always receive the attention they deserve, they undeniably play a pivotal role in our homes. Ensuring your roof remains leak-free and in prime condition can be a worry-free task with Hollis Roofing at your service in Siloam Springs. As a trusted provider of residential roofing in Southern and Central Missouri, we deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions, from repairs to new installations, adding safety and comfort to your family’s life.

Experienced Craftsmen, Committed to Excellence

• Over 15 years of experience in roofing services.
• Complimentary, no-obligation quotes.
• Specialized in both residential and commercial roofing.
• Extensive selection of roofing materials in many colors.
• Fully licensed and insured roofing company.

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What Our Customers Have to Say…

August Colley AvatarAugust Colley
We couldn't be happier with the job Hollis Roofing did on our house. They not only installed a new roof, but did all the gutter and downspout work and put up our Christmas Lights! Their workmanship was top notch as was the personal interaction. From the beginning of the process to the end, they were awesome. - 12/14/2023 
Trish Hendrix AvatarTrish Hendrix
They did a fantastic job Had my roof done so fast and even came earlier than expected Good people, easy to contact, fantastic job Highly recommend - 11/08/2023 
Sherry Hollis AvatarSherry Hollis
Quality work, professional and local owners. - 11/03/2023 
Solomon Cornelius AvatarSolomon Cornelius
I/we have used Hollis Roofing and Restoration multiple times over the years. I own a real estate company and have used Chad Hollis' company for everything from minor repairs to insurance bids and total tear off replacements. One time he had his crew help me get new lumber on a billboard and then they even placed the new wrap for us! Even though they are very busy they always find time to fit us in! Solomon Cornelius - 4/18/2023 
We had some major roof damage after a spring storm. Hollis Roofing came out and gave us a fair quote, but we were in a time crunch expecting a baby soon and needing it done asap. They didn’t hesitate to take us on. These guys worked around the clock to make sure when we brought our baby home it was to a quiet house with a perfect roof! Chad and his crew take care of you no matter what you need! - 4/17/2023 
Kimbery Albin AvatarKimbery Albin
They are efficient and honest. - 4/17/2023 
Rachel McDonald AvatarRachel McDonald
Chad and Sherry are fantastic. I’ve Used Chad Hollis Roofing multiple times over the years for my personal properties and my clients. It is always exceptional quality and a perfect experience. Highly recommend! - 4/17/2023 
Jeannie Crownover AvatarJeannie Crownover
A few years ago a bad hail storm did significant damage to our house. Chad came out quickly and he did a quick inspection added a tarp and got us on his list. He kept open communication and completed the full job and more on time. - 4/17/2023 
Gerald Howard AvatarGerald Howard
Chad and his crew did a amazing job on my roof installation. I highly recommend them for any of your roofing needs.. - 3/08/2023 
Robert Kramer AvatarRobert Kramer
Hollis was quick to come out, within a few hours of requesting an estimate. Our roof is larger than average and has some complex pitch differences. They gave us an amazing quote and were able to get the roof completed start to finish in just one day. We love our new roof and would highly recommend Hollis Roofing. The professionalism from all involved was the best. Thanks again! - 9/29/2022 

Dependable Roofing Specialists in Siloam Springs: Get Your FREE Quote Today!

Our team at Hollis Roofing has been delivering remarkable roofing services, including repairs, installations, and replacements in Siloam Springs and Central Missouri for years. We understand how easy it can be to overlook a rooftop, but rest assured, our dedicated roofers are committed to conducting thorough inspections, providing free estimates, and recommending the necessary repairs. Regular checks by our seasoned professionals can save both time and money by detecting and addressing any damage before it worsens. Discover more about our skilled team on our About Page or peruse our Gallery to witness our quality work firsthand.

Hollis Roofers
Hollis Roofers Willow Springs
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Weathering the Storm: Hollis Roofing’s Expertise in Hail Damage Repairs

The toll a hail storm can take on a roof, particularly asphalt shingles, can be severe. It’s crucial to arrange for repair work promptly to prevent any potential leaks. Damage from hail is one of the most common roofing issues, causing missing sections, chips, and cracks that demand immediate attention. In the aftermath of a hail storm, here are a few key signs of damage to look out for:

  • Holes or significant chunks missing from the shingles.
  • Deep cracks in the shingles.
  • Evidence of denting and pitting on the shingles.

If you identify any of these signs, replacing the shingles becomes a necessity. While minor damages can be managed with a sealant or roof cement, a professional assessment is always recommended. At Hollis, our experts are on standby to provide a FREE, honest assessment and undertake only necessary repairs. Our technicians are trained to detect any damage to the roof sheathing or rafters, which, if left untreated, could result in leaks, water damage, mold growth, and even severe internal home damage.

Hollis Roofers Completed Project
Hollis Roofers New Roof with complex gables
Roofers to fix storm damage

New Home Constructions in Siloam Springs: Making the Right Roofing Choices

Building a new home involves many important decisions, with your roofing material being a crucial one. Factors such as home style, climate, and budget all play a part in this decision-making process. At Hollis, we offer a variety of materials to choose from:

  • Metal
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Tile
  • Cedar shingles

Asphalt shingles are widely favored in Missouri for their durability, affordability, and resilience against harsh winter conditions. If your region experiences frequent hail or wind, a metal roof could be the best choice. Known for its energy efficiency, metal roofing can cut cooling costs in the summer. In areas with heavy rain or snow, consider tile roofing for its durability and potential to increase your home’s value.

Hollis Roofers New Steel Roof
Roofers at Hollis new apartments
Roofers install new technology shingles

Roofing Costs: Repair, Replacement, and New Construction

The cost of repairing, replacing, or constructing a new roof varies based on the roof size, type, and materials used. Our pricing structure typically consists of a flat labor rate plus the cost of materials. To give you a ballpark figure, a new roof can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, though prices can range from as low as $2,000 for smaller homes to as high as $25,000 for larger ones. At Hollis Roofing, we’re dedicated to providing excellent workmanship at fair prices. Contact us today for your FREE estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do roof repairs cost?

The cost varies based on factors such as the extent of damage, the material, and the home size. We also consider the age of the roof and the need to match existing materials. To get an accurate quote, contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE or fill out our online quote request form.

How long does a roof repair take?

This can range from a few hours for minor repairs to several days for more comprehensive work. We have been able to replace entire roofs in a single day for simpler structures.

How much do roof companies charge per square?

At Hollis, we charge about 10% over the cost of the material. Additional costs may include labor, cleanup, and disposal. Remember, we provide FREE ESTIMATES for roof repair, replacement, and new construction. Contact us to find out your potential price per square.

Our Service Areas

We’re proud to serve Siloam Springs, Roosevelt, Hebron, Toccoa, Richville, Homeland, Sycamore, South Fork, Holtville, Willow Springs, Buckhart, and all of Southern & Central Missouri for roof repair and storm damage restoration. While our Main Office is located in Willow Springs, MO., we offer our services throughout the region and have teams of roofers stationed in several other towns across the State of Missouri. So, whenever you wonder, “Are there any reliable roofing companies near me?”, if you’re in Missouri, the answer is always a resounding, “Yes, Hollis Roofing & Restoration!” We uphold all necessary licenses and insurance and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our technicians are true professionals who understand every aspect of safeguarding your home and family. We ensure your roofing project is completed to your satisfaction. Reach out today for a FREE ESTIMATE onsite.

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